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Trade Facilitation Modules

Understanding Trade Facilitation

Identify key concepts of trade facilitation and why trade facilitation is increasingly important

Trade Facilitation
and Development

Discover the benefits of implementing trade facilitation reforms and how these reforms can contribute to a country’s development

Trade Facilitation
Indexes and Reports

Explore the most used trade facilitation Indexes and Reports and understand the importance of using trade facilitation indexes and reports

National Trade Facilitation Committees

Understand the concept of national trade facilitation committees and identify the key factors that contribute to the success and sustainability of the committee

Introduction to the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement

Find out about the history, structure, nature of obligations and importance of the preferential and differential treatment provisions under the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement

Understanding the Provisions of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement

Explore the different provisions of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement and learn what each provision requires, what is not included in each provision and what countries should check to make sure they are in compliance with the provision

Technical Barriers to Trade and Sanitary and Phytosanitary measures in the context of Trade Facilitation

Learn about the WTO Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade, and the Agreement on the Application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures and their relationship with the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement

Standards and recommendations by UN/CEFACT

Explore various international standards, recommendations and tools designed and published by organizations like the United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT)

These Trade Facilitation
change drivers have some nice
things to say about the Programme

The courses show that trade facilitation is much more than just the TFA, in that they also help to put the Agreement into a broader perspective by addressing the intricate interplay of the various provisions with commerce and the wider sustainable development agenda

Ricky Jnbaptiste,  Attaché, Mission of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States in Geneva

The mode of delivery with the short videos and accompanying script are easy to follow and the information is very useful in allowing the members of the National Trade Facilitation Committees to better understand why we should keep moving forward with great vigour with our trade facilitation agenda

Lydia S. Dariah, Trade Facilitation Focal Point, Ministry of Commerce, International Trade, Investment, Enterprise Development and Consumer Affairs, Saint Lucia

Meet our experts

Alexandre Larouche-Maltais

Economic affairs officer, UNCTAD
Alexandre holds a B.A. from the Université du Québec à Montréal and a Master’s degree in International Law from the Graduate Institute in Geneva. Prior to joining UNCTAD, he has worked at the International Trade Center and The Conference Board of Canada. He is fluent in French and English

Arantzazu Sanchez Belastegui

Economic affairs officer, UNCTAD
Arántzazu studied Political Sciences in Spain and Germany and holds a Postgraduate Master on European Political and Administrative Studies of the College of Europe in Belgium. A Spanish national, she is fluent in English, French, German and Portuguese. She joined UNCTAD in 2012

Bismark Sitorus

Economic affairs officer, UNCTAD
Bismark is an Economist at UNCTAD with more than 20 years experience in trade facilitation reforms and standardization, trade policy, trade statistics, and related technical assistance and capacity building delivered in Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean

Celine Bacrot

Economic affairs officer, UNCTAD
Celine Bacrot is a trade economist with a focus on regional integration and trade facilitation. She has more than 20 years’ experience in trade development strategies and was based for 10 years in East Africa (2008-2018). She has a Master degree in Economic Development as well as a Degree in Political Science, Development and Co-operation from the University of Paris-La Sorbonne

Christian Knebel

Economic affairs officer, UNCTAD
Christian leads UNCTAD’s support programme to the African Union on the implementation of the AfCFTA Non-Tariff Barriers mechanism. He has written reports on non-tariff measures and regulatory cooperation in the AfCFTA, ECOWAS, SADC, ASEAN and MERCOSUR. Previously, he worked at the International Trade Centre where he conducted and analyzed private sector surveys on obstacles to trade in various countries

Clariesse Chan

Economic affairs officer, UNCTAD
Clariesse is an international trade lawyer from the Philippines. She has studied B.S. in Management and holds both a Juris Doctor degree from Ateneo de Manila University and a Master of Laws degree in International Economic Law and Policy from Universitat de Barcelona. Before joining UNCTAD in 2017, she has worked at the International Trade Center in Geneva, the International Energy Charter Secretariat in Brussels and in various law firms in the Philippines

Jan Hoffman

Chief, Trade Logistics Branch, UNCTAD
Jan joined UNCTAD in 2003 and became Chief of the organization’s Trade Logistics Branch in 2016. The Branch is implementing multilateral transport and trade facilitation capacity building programmes, as well as regional and national projects in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, and Latin America and the Caribbean

Julian Fraga-Campos

Economic affairs officer, UNCTAD
Julian Fraga-Campos is an Agricultural Engineer with more than 10 years’ experience in agribusiness and production systems. Chilean national, he holds a Master's in Marketing Management and Distribution Channels from the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. Prior to joining UNCTAD in 2014, he worked in trade-related issues in the private sector

Lance Thompson

Head, UN/CEFACT Support Unit at UNECE
Secretary to UN/CEFACT within the UNECE, Lance Thompson supports the work of the entire organization, ensuring its continual progression and represents the Centre at meetings around the world. He is very active in key projects such as the Single Window guidance, transport e-business standard, supply chain e-business standard and other projects

Lazar Ristic

trade facilitation consultant
Lazar Ristic is an International Expert for Trade Facilitation & Border Management. He has over 10 years of experience in project management roles with a focus on trade logistics, trade facilitation, border management and private sector development reform implementation in developing and conflict affected countries.  Lazar holds Master’s Degrees in State Management and Business Administration

Pamela Ugaz Ph.D.

Economic affairs officer, UNCTAD
Pamela is an international trade lawyer with over 14 years of experience in trade policy, trade facilitation, regional integration, and project management. She collaborates with the UNCTAD Trade Facilitation Section since 2013, conducting research and technical assistance projects towards the implementation of Trade Facilitation reforms in Africa, Asia, and Latin America

Poul Hansen

Poul is responsible for issues relating to Trade Facilitation at UNCTAD and has experience from both UN and the private sector relating to transport facilitation and logistics. Poul holds a Master level degree in Business Administration and International Law from the Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Yann Duval

Director, Trade, Investment and Innovation Division, ESCAP
Over the past 19 years, Yann has conducted research and delivered technical assistance and advisory services on trade and development throughout Asia and the Pacific. Since joining ESCAP, he spearheaded the creation of the ESCAP-World Bank Trade Cost Database, as well as the UN Global Survey on Digital and Sustainable Trade Facilitation

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