Understand how trade facilitation and gender issues are interlinked and why discussing trade facilitation through a gender lens is essential

Cross-Border Women Traders | Gender Policy | Trade Facilitation |WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement

The course targets members of National Trade Facilitation Committees

Learn what should be the way forward for integrating a gender perspective in trade facilitation reforms

Identify who are cross-border women traders and what specific challenges they face

Discover how the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement addresses cross-border women trader challenges


60 minutes of short videos that will help you better understand this subject

Networking opportunities

Through our unique and private online learning community platform

Interactive webinars

Learn and interact with the best international and national experts


You will get a certificate of completion to enhance your CV

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"The course is flexible in such a way that busy people can give it a try"

Colator Maoko
Chief Economist Research and Policy Analysis
"The webinars were great to reinforce the modules and discussion of specific issues related to a Country made it so practical and interesting. I really enjoyed the indices and the ability to compare with other countries"

Ropafadzai Hove
Director Pharmacy Services at Ministry of Health & Child Welfare
"I enjoyed that it was broken down in small regular modules, made it much more practical to complete"

Mandeep de Brito
Treasurer Truckers Association of Zambia

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