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How to use the
UNCTAD Reform Tracker

After taking this course, you will understand what the Reform Tracker is and what its benefits are.
You will also learn how to access, add, modify and delete information in the Reform Tracker

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Key features and benefits of the Reform Tracker


As a project-management tool, the Reform Tracker is a platform where National Trade Facilitation Committees Teams collaborate and reach goals on time while managing resources. It automates task distribution, resource planning, Team collaboration, reporting and many more


The Reform Tracker allows for a coordinated interagency implementation of priority trade facilitation initiatives through the involvement of all cross-border stakeholders from the public and private sectors


The Reform Tracker provides a platform that allows the National Trade Facilitation Committees and its working groups to monitor progress in implementation, and to take necessary measures in case of setbacks


The Reform Tracker allows the National Trade Facilitation Committee to organize information about its members and other trade facilitation practitioners, such as their contact information, roles, and systematically inform them on the latest updates related to international trade and trade facilitation


The Reform Tracker assures sustainability of the National Trade Facilitation Committees , as it facilitates project documentation and allows for systematic knowledge transfer. New members of the National Trade Facilitation Committees have access to current and past projects and can get acquainted with their new role in no time!

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