e-Coaching Modules

How to set up an effective NTFC

Focus on identifying the right stakeholders, drafting Terms of Reference and supporting legislation to set up an NTFC

How to run a successful NTFC

Learn effective tools and best practices to run the day-to-day work of the NTFC Secretariat

How to become the chairperson your NTFC needs

Focus on empowering NTFC chairpersons to become result-oriented but empathetic trade facilitation leaders

How to draft a communication strategy for NTFCs

Learn key concepts of communication and how to apply them to draft a communication strategy for the NTFC

Effective communications for NTFC members

Get coached on how to improve your presentation skills to become a driver of change in trade facilitation

How to draft a National Trade Facilitation Roadmap

Learn what is a national trade facilitation roadmap, its benefits and how to draft it in an inclusive way

How to establish a Monitoring and Evaluation Strategy

Learn key concepts of monitoring and evaluation and how to apply those to the work of the NTFC

How to draft a Resource Mobilization Strategy

Learn what is a resource mobilization strategy for trade facilitation, its benefits and how to draft one

How to draft trade facilitation project proposals

Get trained in the process of drafting trade facilitation project proposals

How to draft a knowledge transfer strategy

Learn key concepts of knowledge transfer and how to apply them to draft a knowledge transfer strategy for the NTFC

How to do Business Process Analysis

Learn a specific methodology to undertake Business Process Analysis of trade procedures to be able to better identify bottlenecks and redundancies

How to
simplify trade procedures

Master the art of simplifying trade procedures making cross-border trade faster, simpler and cheaper