E-learning Course on
Climate-smart Trade
and Investment for
Sustainable Development

December 5-16, 2022
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This course has been jointly developed by ESCAP, UNEP, and UNCTAD based on Asia-Pacific Trade and Investment Report 2021: Accelerating Climate-smart Trade and Investment for Sustainable Development.

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While globalization has lifted billions of people out of poverty in the Asia-Pacific region alone, the economic growth supported by existing trade and investment policies has come at a steep environmental cost. The latest report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change unequivocally concludes that a human-made climate crisis is unfolding and that we are on the verge of a tipping point. All possible avenues need to be considered in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, including in the policies governing trade and investment.  The links between trade, investment and climate change are complex. The key is to ensure that the positive effects of trade and investment are maximized, such as by promoting trade and investment in renewable energy and low-carbon technologies, while minimizing the adverse effects, such as by digitalizing trade and transport systems.  As such, this course seeks to explain the relationship between climate-change and trade and investment, and provide recommendations on how trade and investment policies can be more “climate-smart”.